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“Clinical Psychology for Quality life” is the The vision statement of Bangladesh Clinical Psychology Society (BCPS). The Society is the voice of the clinical psychology in Bangladesh to promote and advance mental health within the context of improving psychosocial wellbeing and scientific knowledge.The Society supports research, education and professional training, promoting and ensuring the highest standards of effective, efficient and ethical practice of its members. BCPS is socially responsible to ensure that psychological aspects are considered by the policy makers in different national emergent issues.

To promote professional interests of Clinical Psychologists and to ensure their quality of training and service standard, a professional body named the Bangladesh Clinical Psychology Association (BCPA) was formed in 26 October, 1999. It started with six general members, seventeen trainee members and an affiliate member. Five Bangladeshi Clinical Psychology teachers of Dhaka University along with one Bangladeshi expatriate Clinical Psychologist in UK, Ms. Farzin Haq, who was also a trainer of the course, together formed the association where all the five local clinical psychology teachers during the inception of the clinical psychology course at Dhaka University became full member of the association by ‘Grandfather Clause’ of it’s constitution.

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