Objectives & Goals

Objectives & Goals


General Objectives

The general objective of BCPS is – to promote development of Clinical Psychology in Bangladesh.

Specific Objectives

  • To promote the highest standard in training, research and practice in the area of Clinical Psychology.
  • To ensure mental health as a priority national development issue.
  • To respond to the national objectives in mental health services.
  • To clarify the identity of clinical psychologist in Bangladesh through appropriate government policy.
  • To ensure availability of quality mental health services for people in need.


Three Most Important Professional Goals:

  • Accreditation
  • Statutory recognition and
  • Licensing.

For Accreditation the stakeholders are Government of Bangladesh, administrators, other NGO’s and other health professionals. 1st step will be to form a multi-professional team which will draft and approve accreditation criteria. This draft will also described competency issues of the members.

Statutory recognition involves how we get involve with Government of Bangladesh and make them aware about us. The major role of BCPS will be to be proactive to orient the concerned body about “who we are, what we plan and why we need support”.

Licensing of the members has to be a parallel activity along with the above two. Once the above two are achieved licensing for its members would be easier for BCPS.